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Include your published soil molecular data in molTERdb !

If you want to include your raw SOM published data in the Global SOM Repository of molTERdb, it is quite easy, just send us the raw data as .csv files together with the full reference of the paper with the associated doi.

After a rapid check of the data and the paper, the raw published data will be freely accessible online in the Global SOM Repository. Please note that data stored in the Global SOM Repository are not accessible from the Data Mining Toolbox of molTERdb.

If you want to submit published data for inclusion in the kernel dataset of molTERdb (data accessible with the Data Mining Toolbox), all provided files should have been made compatible with the format of molTERdb. Such data will be evaluated before inclusion. Please contact us for more information.

Contact for submitting data
Lauric Cécillon (Irstea, Grenoble, France) --> lauric.cecillon [at]