Please send us feedbacks !

We have designed molTERdb as a prototype proposing different strategies to advance research on the links between molecular-level soil properties and landscape-scale soil services.
An important goal is to link researchers from different areas, such as soil mineralogists, microbiologists, organic geochemists, hydrologists and pedologists.

It is very important for us to collect feedbacks from your experience of molTERdb.
If you think about possible improvements of this prototype (e.g. new design, new functions), we would really appreciate if you could share them with us, to help us improve this prototype.

Furthermore, we plan to build a universal computational platform from this prototype. If you want to take part in new adventure with us, please do not hesitate to JOIN US !

Contacts & feedbacks
Lauric Cécillon (Irstea, Grenoble, France) --> lauric.cecillon [at]
Daniel Rasse (Bioforsk, Norway) --> daniel.rasse [at]